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Coat Paint - Home Grown

Coat Paint - Home Grown

PriceFrom £26.00

Clean Organic Green

A clean, organic green. Not quite a pastel, this welcoming shade is fresh and grounding. Stunning on panelling. Combine with Natural Off-White, Pampas.





Flat Matt

Matt finish (2%), durable & easy clean, low odour & voc, easily hides imperfections


Soft Sheen

Subtle shine (15%), durable and washable, low odour & voc, moisture proof



Low sheen (10%), durable and washable, low odour & voc, scuff-hardy



Low sheen (20%), weatherproof, low odour & voc, long lasting


Floor Paint

Low sheen (20%), durable & washable, low odour & voc, hardy


Orders placed before 1pm on weekdays will be delivered the next working day. Orders placed after 1pm or on weekends and bank holidays will be delivered up to two working days later.
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