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Freya Rug - Green

Freya Rug - Green

PriceFrom £480.00

Designer; Hanne Kortegaard

Quality; Hand-tufted

Material; 95% Wool / 5% Viscose

Backing 100% Cotton

Pile weight 2.500,00 gr/m2

Pile height 12,50 mm

Total height 17 mm

Total weight 4.200 gr/m2

Production Produced in India

Size variation +/- 3%

Description - Freya creates a refined balance between a playful and minimalist expression, taking inspiration from Art Deco and Scandinavian design, which is beautifully represented in the materials as well as in the interplay between the colours. Made in a luxurious blend of wool and viscose, Freya expresses a soft yet dramatic feel.

Colour variation - Variations in colour and texture can arise between batches of yarn and dye baths.

Irregularities - Irregularities may occur as a result of the handmade process.


Moth protection Yes - Parigan 10


Regular cleaning by vacuuming. Vacuum in the direction of the rug’s pile, but not with the brushes in the “out position”. To be washed flat by a professional carpet cleaner. Most new rugs “shed” and this is very normal. Excess pile should be removed from the rug as it appears. We recommend underlay to avoid discolouration.


140cm x 200cm - In stock

170cm x 240cm - In stock

200cm x 300cm - In stock

250cm x 350cm - In stock

Delivery approx 4 weeks
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