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Inner Circle - Teapot - Light Grey

Inner Circle - Teapot - Light Grey


Dutch designer Maarten Baas is known for his iconoclastic, whimsical creations that disrupt traditional typologies, in collaboration with the Antwerp label Valérie Objects.

Named "Inner Circle", his collection refers to our inner circle, those with whom we like to share great times around the table. He favoured spontaneity over perfect symmetry by drawing spontaneous, irregularly shaped circles freehand. They were literally translated into tableware, making these objects the materialisation of imperfect concentric circles.

In a world where machines are made to produce straight lines, Maarten Baas' irregular shapes are a real technical challenge to achieve. This range of tableware favours naturalness and irregular shapes rather than perfection, communicating an artisanal idea.

L - 22cm

H - 13.5cm

D - 12.8cm


Dishwasher and microwave safe

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