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Linen Tea Towels - Set of 2

Linen Tea Towels - Set of 2


This set of linen tea towels comes as a part of the high-quality kitchen linen collection, designed by Goscandi in the UK and beautifully crafted in Northern Europe.

Linen has all the right qualities for a kitchen towel – it absorbs water well and dries out quickly, it is machine washable (at 40C), durable and strong. But most importantly it has all the right quality for stylish minimalist kitchen decor – soft texture, natural earthy tone, clean lines and a desirable simplicity.

Made of 100% natural, uncoloured high-quality OEKO-TEX certified linen. It is crafted using electricity supplied from renewable energy sources, making it sustainable and environmentally friendly.

This set of two linen kitchen towels is carefully crafted, beautifully wrapped and presented in a minimalist gift box, produced from at least 40% of recycled materials.

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