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Marmo Rug - Charcoal

Marmo Rug - Charcoal

PriceFrom £555.00

Designer; Urd Moll Gundermann

Quality; Hand-tufted

Material; 70% Wool / 30% Viscose

Backing 100% Cotton

Pile weight 2400 gr/m2

Pile height 8 mm

Total height 10 mm

Total weight 3.900 gr/m2

Production Produced in India

Size variation +/- 3%

Description - Marmo uses varying pile lengths to create a textured vein running across the rug to produce the appearance of marble. Crafted in a luxurious blend of wool and viscose, Marmo adds sophistication and cohesion to any interior space.

Colour variation - Variations in colour and texture can arise between batches of yarn and dye baths.

Irregularities - Irregularities may occur as a result of the handmade process.


Moth protection Yes - Parigan 10


Regular cleaning by vacuuming. Vacuum in the direction of the rug’s pile, but not with the brushes in the “out position”. Do not clean stains on viscose with water as this might damage the rug. To be washed flat by a professional carpet cleaner. Most new rugs will shed hair upon usage which is natural. Excess pile should be removed from the rug as it appears. Heavy furniture on the rug may leave the pile flat which is a normal characteristic for viscose/wool rugs. Please note that the colours may fade if the rug is exposed to strong sunlight for an extended period. We recommend underlay to avoid discolouration.


170cm - In stock

250cm - In stock

Delivery approx 4 weeks
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