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Haeckels Pegwell Candle

Haeckels Pegwell Candle


GPS 21 ’30”E

Inspired by Pegwell Bay; wild fennel, grasses and salt were collected on 23rd July 2014, (sunny day).

Evokes unkempt nature, hollow stemmed wild fennel and a heady fragrance of birch, juniper and vetiver.

Burn time, approx 40 hours – 240ml

Fragrance Profile

Top: Sweet fennel, Birch

Heart: Juniper, Black pepper

Base: Vetiver, Musk


On first usage, burn for two hours until the entire candle surface melts. Do not leave burning unattended. Keep away from children, pets and any soft furnishings. Should any black smoke appear, trim the wick. Keep your candle in a cool and dry environment.


FSC Certified

Recycled Materials

Made Using Renewable Energy

Home Compostable Parts

Recyclable Parts

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