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Reed Diffuser - Anjir

Reed Diffuser - Anjir


APFR (Apotheke Fragrance), is a Japanese fragrance brand founded by Keita Sugasawa in 2011. Influenced by traditional fragrances, herbal medicine culture, natural philosophy, food, music, and art from around the world.

All APFR home fragrances are hand-crafted in their own workshop, and they select every ingredient carefully in cooperation with their sourcing partners.

Fibre reeds absorb the liquid, spreading a subtle fragrance throughout a room. Welcome the moment, enjoying your favourite fragrance as part of your daily life.

Anjir is a unique, unisex scent from the Near East evoking the soul of the fig; Anjir itself is Middle Persian for fig.

Dried Fig / Anise / Jasmine / Fig Leaf / Sandalwood / Musk'

Net volume: 230ml

5 Fibre Reeds

Duration: 5-6 month

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