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Ronan Bouroullec Poster 1

Ronan Bouroullec Poster 1


These exceptional-quality prints from The Wrong Shop are truly affordable works of art. The Drawing posters by French designer Ronan Bouroullec for The Wrong Shop follow the idea of intuitive drawing.

Intuitive drawing is derived from the literary roots of Surrealism and automatic writing, which requires the consciousness to be completely shut down while writing a text. For Ronan Bouroullec, drawing is a relaxing, meditative process; he lets the pen glide freely and intuitively over the paper without planning the shapes he creates in advance. As a result, the shapes have no clear beginning or end, evoking a variety of interpretations.

Poster printed litho on 250gsm Fedrigoni Splendorlux, with embossed text.


500 X 678mm

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