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Thé - & halt Aromatherapy Room Mist - 100ml

Thé - & halt Aromatherapy Room Mist - 100ml


This range of aromatherapy candles and room mists emerges from a collaboration between & halt and Aroma Laboratory, Denmark.

Each contains only the finest essential oils. All oils are pure and free from all additives and have been selected for their varying calming effects and general positive well-being properties.

Thé - Trust, Empathy and Love


Top - white sage

Heart - rosewood, chamomille, pepper, lavender

Base - bourbon vanilla

Natural ingredients;

Linalool, geraniol, benzylbenzoat, limonene

Melassa alcohol

Vegetable glycerin

Demineralised water

100% pure essential oil blend

Net volume 100ml

Shake well before use

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