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Warm Tea/Coffee Pot - Large - Walnut/Black

Warm Tea/Coffee Pot - Large - Walnut/Black


Brew your perfect cup of tea with this functional 1.1L teapot which combines a porcelain body with a removeable wooden sleeve. The bottle-like shape makes the pot easy to pick up, and there’s no need for a coaster as the teapot stands on the wooden handle.

To pour simply lift the teapot by the wood handle.The wooden handle also acts like a teacosy and helps insulate the teapot. The spout has been designed not to dribble during pouring.

The WARM 1.1L teapot fits 4–6 cups and includes a tea strainer. After the tea strainer has been filled with tea leaves it can be hung from the edge of the teapot.

The ceramic lid has been designed to stay in place while pouring. The two 'locks' ensuring it remains in place.

The WARM teapot is dishwasher safe, while the removable wood handle can be wiped with a damp cloth and revived with wood oil from time to time. If the wood part gets wet, remove it from the teapot, simply wipe it off and leave to dry on its own.

Made by hand at Tonfisk Design's workshop in Turku, Finland

Size: Diameter 10 cm, height 28 cm

Volume: 1.1L (4-6 cups)

Weight: 0,97 kg

Colour: Black teapot with Walnut wood handle

Materials: Porcelain, walnut wood veneer, stainless steel

Packaging: Colour Printed Box

Designer: Brian Keaney

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