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Alpaca Throw Beige

Alpaca Throw Beige


From Dutch brand Alpaca Loca, the hollow fibres of alpaca wool used, make this throw incredibly soft. The subtle shine gives the throw a luxurious look. Perfect as a blanket on the couch or as a bedspread over your sheets.

Alpaca wool has many advantages over sheep’s wool or cashmere. For example, it doesn't contain lanolin, (unlike sheep’s wool) and the fabric is therefore hypoallergenic. The structure of alpaca wool is stronger and therefore more durable.

The alpaca wool fibre is naturally dirt and water-resistant. Thanks to the hollow fibre, alpaca wool adapts to your body temperature. The fabric keeps you warm in the winter and cools you down in the summer.

Alpaca Loca uses wool from Ecuadorian alpacas. Here our products are handmade by a close-knit community of weavers. We value quality, tradition, integrity and social responsibility.

Machine washable at 30c

Size240 x 170 cm

80% Alpaca 20% Acrylic

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