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Curve Bowl - XL - Dark Grey

Curve Bowl - XL - Dark Grey


Inspired by the arts and craft of ceramic, Curve Bowl emphasises the natural qualities and materiality of clay. 

Characterized by an intentionally uneven shape and surface, Curve is a beautiful organic design with a handmade touch. 

The voluminous shape and depth of the bowl, makes Curve ideal for many different storage purposes, and can also stand on it’s own as a decorative vase or with dry flowers.

Curve Bowl comes in two sizes and is made from ceramic. The surface is hand glazed in order to achieve a unique surface texture. The colours may vary slightly, due to that it is a handmade product. 

The bowl is not 100% waterproof.

L - 28.5cm

W -28.5cm

H - 19.5cm


Use a soft dry cloth to clean the product

Do not use household cleaners

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