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Ostrich Feather Duster

Ostrich Feather Duster


Say goodbye to synthetic cloths and disposable wipes and say hello to a tried feather duster with real with ostrich feather that proved itself in your grandparents' homes. 

Andree Jardin's small feather duster is designed to dust every nook and cranny. Equipped with an aluminium socket, it fits perfectly with the 130 cm or 65 cm beech wood handle.

- Beechwood handle

- Real ostrich feathers

- Made in Europe

30 cm x 25cm x 5 cm

Weight: 0,15 kg


To clean your feather duster, simply take it outside and shake it to release the dust.


Fill a bucket or sink full of warm water and a little dish washing soap. Place your duster in the solution and let it soak for a minute, and then gently swish the duster back and forth. Afterwards rinse the duster in fresh water. Finally, to dry it, squeeze and shake out excess water, and then let it air dry while hanging upside down.

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