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Kinto Slow Coffee Carafe Set 2 Cups

Kinto Slow Coffee Carafe Set 2 Cups


Coffee aficionados consider the pour-over brewing process (pouring hot water over freshly ground beans to release their flavour) to result in the most fully flavoured and delicately balanced cup of coffee.

The Slow Coffee carafe set consists of a glass jug, a stainless steel coffee filter and a filter stand which doubles as a measuring cup for coffee beans.

To use, place the stainless steel filter in the neck of the jug and fill with medium ground coffee. Pour hot water over slowly and allow to percolate for the perfect cup of coffee. A stainless steel filter preserves more of the oils released by the coffee beans, maximising the rich aroma of your brew.

When the coffee has percolated, place the filter in the glass filter holder and pour.

All parts are stackable.

φ100 x H150 x W125 mm / 600 ml

Heat-resistant glass

Microwave and dishwasher safe

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