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Tense Pendant Lamp - 90

Tense Pendant Lamp - 90


Stretching to over one metre in length, the Tense Pendant Lamp appears like a soft cloud has floated in.

A truly modern construction, its soft Tyvek diffuser represents a material both durable and soft – whilst being 100% recyclable.

The flexibility of this paper-like diffuser allows its slim frame to accentuate the cloud like qualities of the Tense Pendant Lamp. Finished with a slimline LED light source, all components fit into a slim box for ease of transport. A truly modern approach to lighting.


Shade in Tyvek membrane (100% recyclable) tightened up with carbon rods, cord in black PVC and dimmable LED light source.

Product Dimensions

H: 150 x D: 800 x W: 900 mm


Ø: 195 x H: 50 mm (holds driver and excess cord)


5000 mm

Light source included. Min. 50,000 hours.

Light Source

LED 22W, 2700K. Mains dimmable, trailing edge, no digital transformer needed. Output: 36 Va / 550 Ma Input: 230VA/110mA, 50/60Hz, PF=0,95 Lumen: 2,000 lm, CRI: 80.

Delivery within 4 to 6 weeks
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